Georgia Highlands Chargers make history in a home game against Atlanta Sports Prep

Scott Rosario

GHC posted a historical win 145-86 over Atlanta Sports Prep. in a home game on Nov. 28.

The Chargers started the game out strong early 9-2. At halftime the score was 78-38 and Micheal Baez ended the first half leading the Chargers in points and rebounds with 14 and 10. The Chargers shot 55.3 percent from field goal range and 50 percent from three-point range during the first half.

The Chargers ended the game with a historic number of points with 145. In fact, GHC led in all major stat categories with 65 rebounds, 38 assists and 25 steals. Baez ended the game a historic number of 24 rebounds.

Phil Gaffney,  GHC men’s head coach, said, “Well, it was our first game back from Thanksgiving break, Mason Green was out, our leading scorer, Cahiem Brown, was out and V.J. Saxton was also out as well, so that was the hard part but, it was a great game for us to get into shape for the season.”

Gaffney said he was also really glad about seeing Chris Wright with 10 assists, and David Greer had his first game of the season. He played 15 minutes with 14 rebounds and had 13 points.

Chris Wright, guard for GHC, talked about his unselfish play leading the game with 10 assists. He said, “It’s really how I play. I want my teammates to get in to score the game before I do.”

The Chargers also played ABL in a home game at 1 p.m. on Dec. 1. The Chargers won with a final score of 122-87.

The Chargers’ next home game will be Wednesday, Dec. 5, against Preeminence Academy at 7:30 p.m.