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Inside April 22, 2003's Issue




Honor Assembly to recognize outstanding students

The 31st annual Georgia Highlands College Honors Assembly will be held on Thursday, April 24, at 6:30 p.m. in the Lakeview Building on the main campus.

Dr. Randy Pierce, president of Georgia Highlands College and Amit Patel, SGA president, will make opening remarks. John Spranza, director of student life, will be the master of ceremonies.

Organist Carolyn Walker will provide the music.

The Barbara Holden Floyd Medical Center Auxiliary Scholarship Award will be presented to Allison Green. This award is for a freshman-nursing student, resident of Floyd County, who has potential for exemplary professional service.

Melesia Brookshire will receive the Redmond Regional Medical Center Outstanding Nursing Student Award. This award recognizes competent clinical performance and outstanding academic achievement.

The Outstanding Academic Achievement in Nursing Award for the highest cumulative and graduating grade point average for a nursing student will go to Lisa Adams.

The Floyd Medical Center Greatest Dedication and Achievement in Nursing Award will be presented to Connie Cuzzourt. This award is for students who have demonstrated outstanding clinical performance and dedication to nursing.

Seventh District Georgia Nursing Association’s “Excellence in Bedside Care” Award will be presented to Connie Cuzzourt. The candidate for this award is nominated by the sophomore nursing class based on competent clinical performance. The award recognizes the student who has demonstrated, through his/her nursing care, the most concern for patients.

The Coosa Valley Home Health Care Agency Award for excellence in nursing and a demonstrated interest in home health will be presented to Tamica Ragland.

Tracy L. Clay will receive the Sigma Phi Alpha Award for being a dental hygiene student who is a member of the National Dental Hygiene Honor Society and exhibits high quality in academics and character and demonstrates potential for future growth and attainment.

The inductees to the 2003 National Creative Society are Odell Abram, Jr., Michele Alvey, Rebecca Alford, Rebecca Anthony, Charlotte Baker, Jason Bourne, Adrian Bowers, William Caruthers, Kim Causey, Chris Hammonds, Clara Michelle Huskins, Jessica Lindberg, Lillian Long, Jessica Lovell, Chris Lundy, Amanda Mayo, Amanda Mays, Kristen McCary, Bobby Moore, Savannah Ruth, Matt Sunrich, Nicole Terry, Virgina Thompson, Betsy Wadsworth, Nikki Wells, Brooke Worley and Heath Yates.

Jason E. White will be the recipient of the Dr. Melvin Perry American Association of University Professors Outstanding Future Educator Award. The award is presented to students with a minimum 3.0 GPA who demonstrate an aptitude for and commitment to excellence in teaching.

The Old Red Kimono Creative Writing Awards will go to Jessica Lindberg (first place), Matthew Sunrich (second place) and Joshua Burkhalter (third place). The Old Red Kimono Art Awards will go to Kim Myers (first place), Tyler Morgan (second place) and Amanda Mays (third place).

The Georgia Highlands College Leadership Award is for students who have demonstrated exemplary leadership in campus and community activities while maintaining high academic standards. Julianna Hunt and Lisa Holbrook will receive the award.

The Georgia Highlands College Spirit Award will be presented to Brian S. Armstrong and Teela Davis. This award is for students who have shown dedication to campus life, been active in school and community projects, and shown outstanding promotion of school spirit.

The Who’s Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges awards recognize students for their service to the college and community and their academic average. The recipients will be Odell Abram, Jr., Lisa M. Adams, Brian S. Armstrong, Canada Astin, Daniel Bell, Linda S. Beuoy, Cynthia Bing, Lynn Blalock, Samuel Bosempen, Jason Bourne, Kimberly Carrigg, Joy Cash, Tracy LeAnne Clay, David M. Conway, Connie M. Cuzzourt, Teela A. Davis, Ray Davis, Robin Davis, Debra L. Evans, Amy Gilliland, Allison Green, Jennifer Harrell, TuRhonda Harris, Kimberly Holliday, Leah Honea, Barry Tim Hufstetler, Julianna Hunt, Michelle Huskins, Brooke Hyde, Leigh Ann Hyde, Jessica A. Ingram, Mike Johnston, Tiffany N. Lankford, DeLeah Leath, Lillian L. Long, Elizabeth Ann Talbert Lorenson, Tina Loyd, Jesse Ray Mayo, Amanda S. Mayo, Maureen McTyre, Alice O. Nixon, Amit Patel, Amber K. Rogers, Eric Rose, Serpentfoot, Rebecca D. Shiflett, Evie Standeford, Matthew Sunrich, Kathryn A. Teat, Leslie N. Wells and Mandy Wells.

The Community Criminal Justice Award of Excellence will be presented to Joshua B. Kerce. The award recognizes a student who has demonstrated a commitment to embracing and fostering higher education in criminal justice, dedication to community service and a true sense of honor, integrity and professionalism.

The Warren Akin IV Excellence in English Studies Award, which is given to a student who has demonstrated excellence in writing ability and personal interest in literature and who has at least a 3.0 GPA, will be given to Nakisha L. McNeal and Leslie N. Wells.

Jeremy C. Fowler will receive the Regents’ Test Essay Award for making a perfect score of 4.0 on the Regents’ Test Essay.

The Business Merit Award will go to Vickie Sutton. This award is given to a business major who has completed 30 semester hours, maintained a 3.4 GPA and exhibits potential for success in the business environment.

The Georgia Society of CPA’s Excellence Award will go to Rachel M. Johnson for excellence in the study of the principles of accounting.

Ann Simpson will receive the Spanish Award. The award recognizes excellence in Spanish.

Daniel Bell will be recognized with the Journalism Award. This award is for students who have served on the student newspaper staff for a year or more, who have held leadership positions on the staff and who have also demonstrated exceptional journalistic achievement.

The Steve Burns Service Award will be presented to Amanda Mays. This award is given to a student who has demonstrated a commitment to serving others.

Kenneth Hudson will receive the Jim McKeel Human Services Achievement Award. This award is given to students that demonstrate commitment to the field of Human Services and are involved in volunteer experiences and demonstrate a genuine concern for the community.

The Political Science Award is for students demonstrating excellence and exceptional scholarship in political science. Adam Wheeler will receive this award.

Kelly P. Shane will receive the Mathematics Award for high achievement in mathematics presented to the student with the highest class average in Calculus 2262 or 2263 as determined by mathematical reasoning.

Charles McDonald will receive the Biology Award. This award is given to a student who is a biology major and who has demonstrated academic ability in the field, application of knowledge in the laboratory and a dedication to the field as a career.

The Dr. Philip Dillard Achievement Award honors students who, in spite of disability, are making achievements in intellectual, social and cultural endeavors or students who enhance disability awareness in the Georgia Highlands College Community by demonstrating a desire to educate and inform others about disability issues through such involvement as participation in campus organizations and activities and volunteer services. Natalie Maxwell and Jason Bourne will receive this award.

The United States Achievement Academy Collegiate All-American Scholar Awards recognize high academic achievement. The recipients will be Lisa M. Adams, William A. Bentley, Linda S. Beuoy, Cynthia Bing, Joy Cash, Tracy LeAnne Clay, David M. Conway, Debra Lynn Evans, Amy Gilliland, Allison Green, Julianna Hunt, Michelle Huskins, Leigh Ann Hyde, Jessica Amanda Ingram, Lillian L. Long, Elizabeth Ann Tolbert Lorenson, Tina Loyd, Jane Kay Lynch, Amanda S. Mayo, Kari Ann Revak, Adriana Shults, Evie Standeford, Ashley N. Stubblefield, Kathryn A. Teat and Leslie N. Wells.

The Berry College Transfer Scholarship Awards are given to students who exemplify both academic excellence and good citizenship and who plan to attend Berry College. The recipients will be Tammy G. Barton, Jessica E. Dixon and Jacob T. Jones.

Jessica Lovell will receive the McCorkle Creative Society Award. This award goes to a returning student who excels in one or more artistic areas of prose, poetry, visual arts, theatrical or musical performance and who serves as a role model to other students interested in creative expression.

The Lovie Borchardt Memorial Scholarship is presented to an education major who has promoted excellence in education and is awarded by the Alpha Delta Kappa educational sorority. The recipient will be announced at the Honors Assembly.

The FELLOWs Achievement Awards go to students completing the Floyd Emerging Leaders – Learn, Organize and Win program on leadership development. The recipients are Bo Bowling, Joy Cash, Sean Deveaux, Tara Durham, Debbye Kollman, Chris Lundy, Dustin Neighbors, Megan Wallace and Ariel Zachery.

The Certificate for Outstanding Literary Achievement is awarded for meritorious scholarly contributions and for extraordinary creative endeavors. The recipient will be announced at Honors Night.

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