Student scared for the future of Education with DeVos in charge

Dear Editor,

As a GHC student who loves to learn, I fear for our future education system.

You may know that Betsy DeVos, who is a wealthy Republican donor, was confirmed as the U.S. secretary of Education. Now, this isn’t whether I support Trump or not, or the fact that I am a Democrat and they are Republicans. I am scared for our education system because Betsy DeVos has absolutely no experience in public education.

She has never been a part of the public education system as a parent, staff member, or student. The only thing she has experience in is spending money. Betsy DeVos has donated nearly $900,000 over the years to many senators just to get a seat at the table.

Protests were been made stating that she was an unqualified candidate. However, in most cases the power of money can get you anything you want.

I hope even though she doesn’t know what goes on in a public education system, she will at least have some idea on how our education system can thrive.

Tia Davis
Criminal Justice
Floyd Campus