Hispanic heritage art brings back memories for student

Dear Editor,


I am a freshman at GHC and this was my first time reading the Six Mile Post newspaper. I have to say I am very impressed. Page 7,” United States Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month,” caught my attention. I, being Hispanic, am aware of Hispanic Heritage Month. As mentioned in the caption under the drawing by Alana Stacks, “El Dia De Los Muertos,” Day of the Dead, is a day in which family and friends gather and remember the deceased. In Mexico, on Nov. 2, big festivals are held in honor of those who have passed. We build an altar in which we offer their favorite foods and treats. The streets are filled with happiness and the joy of remembering our loved ones. It’s not a mourning day, but a way in which we welcome them back to our homes. Looking at the pictures brought back wonderful memories. I’m glad to know people are becoming aware of different cultures. I look forward to continue reading the Six Mile Post and perhaps learning about other cultures.


Princesa Reyes
Pre Nursing
Rome, GA
Floyd Campus