Georgia Board of Regents raises tuition for third year in a row

Tuition is set to increase fall 2014 for the third year in a row. The Board of Regents voted April 15 to raise tuition by 2.5 percent for 27 out of 31 total institutions.

John Brown, USG vice chancellor for fiscal affairs, who presented the tuition plan to the Board, said “the new tuition rates maintain the needed balance of state funding.”

GHC’s tuition will be raised by 2.5 percent. Tuition will be $1330 for a full-time student attending GHC this fall. Currently, it is $86.54 per hour but will increase to $88.67, still one of the more affordable colleges in Georgia.

The tuition at the four research institutions will increase more significantly. For example the tuition at Georgia Tech is set to rise 9 percent.